Our Global Reach


Recognizing the opportunity to leverage our network and operational capabilities beyond the United States, Cardtronics began its journey of international expansion in 2005 with the acquisition of Bank Machine in the United Kingdom. Since then, we have continued to grow internationally with investments in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and most recently, Ireland. We continue to aggressively expand our presence and offerings in each of our international markets, staying true to the Cardtronics strategy of partnering with each market's most important and influential merchants and financial institutions.


  • ATM Cardtronics Europe Cardtronics Europe

    Cardtronics Europe is the corporate entity responsible for the peformance and growth of Cardtronics' European operations. Cardtronics Europe includes Cardtronics United Kingdom, Cardtronics Ireland, Cardtronics Deutschland and Cardtronics Polska groups.
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  • ATM Cardtronics Ireland Cardtronics Ireland

    In March 2016, Ireland became the fourth European market for Cardtronics. Cardtronics in Ireland operates more than 50 ATMs at key service stations across the country.
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  • United Kingdom � Bank Machine and Cashzone United Kingdom — Cardtronics United Kingdom

    Cardtronics United Kingdom operates a portfolio of more than 15,000 ATMs in the U.K. under the "Bank Machine" and "Cashzone" consumer brands. Cardtroincs United Kingdom also operates Green Team Services, an in-house armored courier provider; New Wave, its own ATM installation operation; and in-house maintenance and engineering teams.
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  • Germany � Cardpoint and Moneybox Germany — Cardtronics Deutschland

    In Germany, Cardtronics Deutschland operates 800 ATMs, which is the largest independent ATM portfolio in the country. German consumers interact with Cardtronics Deutschland through its "Cardpoint" and "Moneybox" consumer brands.
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North America

  • Canada � Cardtronics Canada Canada — Cardtronics Canada

    Cardtronics Canada, Ltd. currently maintains hundreds of existing merchant relationships, has ownership/operation of 3,500 ATMs across the country, and has an established sales channel partner network focused on the Canadian marketplace.
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  • Mexico � Cardtronics Mexico Mexico — Cardtronics Mexico

    Cardtronics Mexico operates more than 1,350 ATMs across Mexico with some of the country's premier retailers, including convenience powerhouse Oxxo, and multiple financial brands.
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  • Puerto Rico � Cardtronics Puerto Rico — Cardtronics Puerto Rico

    Cardtronics provides ATM services on the island of Puerto Rico, serving local retailers and important financial brands, such as Scotiabank, with the same high level of service and professionalism we show around the world.
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International Innovation

Cardtronics continually innovates and improves its product and service offerings, and the international stage is no different. Our in-house processing platform powers Cardtronics' operations in each of its international markets. In the United Kingdom, Cardtronics Europe not only provides a full ATM management offering for financial institutions and merchants, but also operates its own armored cash replenishment service providing cash to hundreds of locations. In Germany, Cardtronics Europe was the first independent ATM operator to offer dynamic currency conversion. In Mexico, Cardtronics Mexico offers ATMs loaded with pesos as well as machines loaded with U.S. dollars, allowing tourists and locals alike to transact in their favored currency.

International Expansion

With a robust processing and service platform, extensive international operating experience, a strong financial position, and experienced, locally based international management teams, Cardtronics is poised to continue its growth beyond today's markets as attractive and strategically important opportunities are uncovered.
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